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Genius, really? Yup - the level of integration between data collection channels and a community or panel member-base really does make Platform One the first and only genuinely unified Insights Management Platform. You get an agile, dynamic platform built to collect qual or quant customer data at every single touchpoint, which means all your data ends up in one place- Platform One. Add a collection of seriously innovative management tools to the mix and you have a software platform that can genuinely claim to turn data into insights. To find out how Platform One can help you build and manage the most awesome insight community ever, read on.

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We'll start with a bold claim

Our SaaS Insights Management Platform is completely unique. The real genius is in the detail, so how’s this for a start? No other software platform can sequence a chain of quant / qual / web / mobile research tasks with participants moving between tasks based on pre-set triggers and in-the-moment data. Interested? Of course you are.

Insight Management Satisfy the control junkie in you

Like the feeling you get when you send the right people the right research tasks at the right time? So do we. You get to choose from quant, qual, individual, group and creative project-types, regardless of whether you’re deploying to web or mobile. You can micro-manage every aspect of your member-base and project lifecycle. And you’ll get to sample like you’ve never sampled before.

Sequential Research Get trigger-happy

Our suite of in-built qual / quant research project creation tools will dazzle you. Add sequential project triggers and you get unification on a whole new totally genius level. It’s a ridiculously easy-to-use feature that has the power to transform the way you collect customer data. You simply order a series of research tasks then set completion or time triggers between those tasks. If that’s not quite sophisticated enough our task-routing system enables members to move between research tasks based on both existing and in-the-moment data.

Instant Communities Insights in an instant

There are times when a pop-up, project community is just the ticket. Members can participate in as many project communities as you're able to dream up. The level of automation means you can create these communities quickly and easily based on a fully customisable portal template. Unlimited participant numbers, the variety of research tasks available and the ability to sequence those tasks means you can answer any research objective in new and imaginative ways.

Member Portal Hook members with a first-class portal

Behind every buzzing, loyal insight community is a first-class member portal. You get a responsive portal with oodles of functionality. Whatever you need or want your portal to do, it does. First-class portals are packed with rich, relevant content, so we’ve made it easy for you to create sub-groups, then distribute engaging, targeted content to each group.

Dual Rewards Up your game and earn your Genius Badge

Whoops. We just can’t seem to help ourselves. We’ve upped the ante yet again and this time our unique dual reward system is the guilty feature. You can incentivise the same positive action with both financial and reputation points - reputation points then go on to earn badges, elevated status, special privileges and all sorts of cool permissions. You can even link financial point-levels to reputation point-levels so that your best members make more cash. Motivated members = quality insights.

Member App Get up close and mobile

Gosh - there’s just so much to say about our favourite app. For something so small it sure packs one mighty punch. Your qual / quant app tasks can be set up, scripted and deployed in a matter of minutes - all without leaving the comfort of your Insight Management Platform. You can even set event or beacon triggers in just a few clicks. Responses can be text, image, voice or video, and our native iOS and Android environments mean app tasks can be completed offline.

3rd Party Integration Rock to the big data beat

Set your data free. Allow it to seamlessly flow between multiple systems. Securely link any system with an API. Platform One then becomes the engine that drives and links your CRM or loyalty reward systems. Our advanced analytic tools then work across all data sources, so you can seriously impress yourself by mapping attitudinal data to behavioural data.

Advanced Analytics Cut through the data jungle

Thousands of questions? Millions of interviews? Let our software do the heavy lifting so you can uncover those shiny pearls of wisdom. You get an analysis and reporting package turbo-powered to handle vast quantities of survey data. If stats is your thing then, oh, the hours of fun. If not, just stick to the basics. The point is, our analysis software is easy to use, easy to customise and, whatever your level, you’ll love our library of elegant charts and whizzy data visualisations. Everything you do you can then share via dynamic online reports or export for killer presentations.

Interactive Dashboards Press pause and think genius

Our detachable, interactive dash complete with filter-sensitive video wall is guaranteed to get people talking. The lucky recipient of your auto-expiring, two-factor-authenticated, yes-its-secure weblink will get to see real-time quant & qual data sharing centre stage. Pie charts and bar charts sit snuggly alongside heatmaps, verbatim charts, video walls, image galleries and audio clips. You can display any system-held or external data, set the sample universe and specify as many interactive filters as you need using anything from moderator tags to profile data.

What can Platform One do to make

Your star shine

One unified platform doesn’t mean we’re selling a one-size-fits-all solution. We know that research panels, communities and Voice of the Customer programs come in all shapes and sizes. By heck, you might not even call them panels or communities! The amazing thing about Platform One is that its immense power and Houdini-like flexibility means that whatever your business, whatever your priorities, we guarantee to make your star shine.

Panel Management

Panels are your business. Large-scale quant your thing. And efficiency is the name of your game.

Community Management

Commmunites are your business. Qual, quant, or both. And totally WOWING your clients is your lifeblood.

Voice of the Customer

Giving your customers a voice is your business. Connecting the data dots your mission. And an awesome customer experience gets your vote.

Innovation is our


Which means there's a lot more genius stuff to come. Next in line:

  • Detachable feasibility so clients can search your member-base themselves.

  • A state-of-the-art media management suite for all your multi-media data.

  • An in-built project management system so platform users can collaborate effectively.

It's amazing. I think of
something really cool,
then two months later it's real.

Jon Gumbrell Platform One Architect & Founder

Platform One is a
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Enormous ambitions

Behind every great product...'ll find great clients: Platform One is proud to power some of the biggest and best insight communities.

And a great team: Platform One has offices in London and Colombo and our client and software servicing teams are there for you 24/7. Survey software specialists Askia form part of our extended team which means we're able to offer a deep integration with their powerful, flexible suite of survey data collection and analysis tools.

The only genuinely unified

Insights management platform

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